Smart TVs, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Apple TV, WiFi, Bluetooth... That is just the beginning! Most devices sold today are "Internet Enabled" and some even require internet connections for software updates and product and warranty registration. There's an 'app' for just about everything.

And these devices are not just limited to your home. They are in your business too.

In addition, given the trends in intelligent building technology, lighting control, audio/video and entertainment, security cameras, alarm systems and air conditioning and comfort systems are also a part of your network. Seamlessly integrating these sub systems requires a properly designed network.

At Savvi, we create home and business networks that intelligently segment network traffic, allocate user bandwidth and provide cloud-based, remote system management.

Our wireless networking solutions offer robust connectivity so you are never in a dead zone in your home, on your property or in your business. All of your devices, connected.